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Our Queens

F1 LucyLou
This stunning F1 girl will steal your heart in seconds. LucyLou loves to lay on your lap and make biscuits. She also enjoys giving her favorite humans head butts. She is very playful, and even plays fetch! LucyLou is a beautiful golden queen, she has amazing ears and black nose.
F1 Zazu
Zazu is more of a shy girl, but one she gets to know you she is super sweet. Zazu is often caught sunbathing in her window, eyeing up the birds! She has a bold black nose, and bold black spots to match. She is one stunning girl.
F1 Zurri
Zurri was our first Queen to join Reign Savannahs. She has such a unique personality, and produces gorgeous babies. She enjoys drooling on your head, and giving head butts. She has a bold black nose and stunning ears.
F1 Sassy
Sassy is our biggest girl. She gives nothing but love, and enjoys being held. This girl tries to be intimidating, hence the name, but she is such a sweetheart on the inside. Her pink nose and large ears catch your eye in seconds.
F3 Jozi
This F3 Queen is such a lover. She loves being a mom and takes the best care of her babies. She is a spunky girl but also loves to cuddle. She enjoys playing fetch, and running on her cat wheel! She passes her amazing personality onto each of her babies, and her large ears! 
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