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Savannah Cat Diet

What do Savannah Cat's eat?

  • Savannah Cats are considered domestic cats and can be fed regular cat food just like any other domestic cat. However it is important to be feeding a high quality, high protein diet. A healthy diet is the key to a healthy pet! A proper diet helps them grow, maintain a healthy weight, and keeps a pet's immune system running smoothly. A higher quality food may cost more, but does save in vet bills in the long run and your pet will live a longer, healthier life. 

  • We feed our breeders a combination of a raw food mixture, high quality canned food (Purina Pro Plan), and a high quality dry food combo ( Purina Pro Plan Kitten, and Mazuri Exotic). It is essential that the primary ingredients in your Savannah cat's food are meat-based. Chicken is preferable. If possible, we always recommend feeding a raw meat diet.

Raw Diet

  • At Reign Savannah's we personally prefer to feed a raw chicken mixture. Our breeders are all fed a raw diet, as well as our kittens while weaning off of mom. A raw diet is not fit for every home. We speak with our kittens future families as they grow, if they prefer to not feed a raw diet, we will wean the kittens onto canned food (Purina Pro Plan Kitten).

  •    Not one meal is fit for every house, or even each kitten. If you decide to try raw food, there are online places you can order from, or you can make your own. We make large batches consisting of 125lbs at a time to feed our breeders. The key is having a balanced diet of 80/10/10 or 75/15/10 (meat/bone/organs). We feed a combination of boneless chicken breast, chicken wing drumsticks, chicken liver, and chicken gizzards. Through trial and error we have found our cats don't like the taste of beef liver. If considering making your own raw food, we highly recommend joining the CRAP facebook group. There are many files in this facebook group on how to make the raw food, including a calculator.

Bringing your kitten home

  • When bringing a Savannah kitten into your home, it is extremely important to keep your kitten on the food your kittens breeder used until a year of age and gradually change their diet if you choose to. Never suddenly change their diet, as it can cause an upset stomach.

Once your Savannah kitten is around a year of age, you can adjust their diet. 

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