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Why are Savannah Cat's so expensive?

When starting out a quality breeding program there is a large financial investment required up front. There is an extreme amount of time, money, and patience when it comes to breeding. Early generations especially are also extremely hard to breed for. When mating does occur, there are still many risks. There is about a 10-15 day gestation difference between the Serval and domestic cat, so all F1 kittens are born premature. These premature kitten require 24/7 care in order to survive. Producing F2 kittens is very similar, when breeding a large F1 female to a F5, F6, or F7. (Males are sterile until the F5 generation). When breeding for an F2 occurs, the kitten litters only average 1-3 kittens per litter.

What are their litter box habits?

Each of our kittens are completely litter trained prior to leaving for their new home. When it comes to litter box habits, Savannah Cat's aren't much different than a domestic cat.  To ensure perfect litter habits, when bringing your kitten home we recommend isolating into a small bedroom or bathroom.  This way they will learn where their litter box is right from the beginning. While we socialize very well to ensure an easy transition into their new home, your new kitten will have an entire new home to learn. It is important a kitten is slowly given run of your home to prevent them from becoming disoriented.

How big do Savannah Cats get?

F1 range 18-30lbs

F2 range 15-30lbs

F3 range 12-20lbs

F4 range 12-18lbs

F5 range 11-18lbs

F6 range 10-18lbs

F7 range 10-15lbs

Do I need a permit to own a Savannah?

Illegal states

Rhode Island




Restricted States

Texas - Bans in many counties and completely illegal in some.

Colorado - Illegal in Denver

Alaska - F4 and later only

Iowa - F4 and later only

Vermont - F4 and later only

New Hampshire - F4 and later only

Massachusetts - F4 and later only

Delaware - F4 and later only with a permit

Maryland - Limited to 30lbs and under

New York - F5 and later only outside of city limits

What do I feed my Savannah?

Savannah cats are not required a specific diet. They can maintain a healthy diet with premium canned cat food and dry food. We personally prefer to feed our breeders a raw diet. Which is a grinded down chicken mixture of boneless chicken breasts, chicken wing drumsticks, chicken liver and chicken gizzards. We always recommend a raw diet, it is their natural diet. 

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