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What is a Savannah Cat?

The Savannah Cat is a domestic cat breed originating from the medium-sized exotic cat species called an African Serval crossed with a domestic cat.  Savannah Cats originated in the 1980's, they replicate the dramatic looks of the African Serval with the temperament of a household pet. The Savannah breed is known for their exotic look due to the presence of many specific serval characteristics. These characteristics include bold spotted markings, large upright ears, slender bodies, and long legs.

What does F1 stand for?

Filial generation refers to how many generations removed a cat is from its African Serval Ancestry. There are 7 generations to Savannah cats, F1-F7. An F1 Savannah cat is a first-generation offspring and has a Serval parent (usually a Serval father and domestic mom). An F2 is a second-generation offspring with a Serval grandparent, an F3 is a third-generation offspring with a Serval great grandparent, and so on. The F1, F2, and F3 generations are considered to be high generations/early generations.

Reign Savannahs
savannah kittens

F1 - 50-75% Serval

F2 - 25-35% Serval

F3 - 16-20% Serval

savannah kittens

The Savannah Cat's personality is playful, adventurous and loyal. The striking breed is often referred to for their dog-like personality.  They are trainable, love car rides, enjoy giving their humans head butts, can learn to play fetch, and enjoy outdoor walks on a harness. Most Savannah Cat's are loving of water. They have proven to become best friends with domestic cats, and even dogs!

They are extremely intelligent animals, and require a home that is fit for their high energy. Due to their high energy, they are not fit for everyone. This breed is often known for climbing into places they shouldn't be, opening doors, cabinets, drawers, and knocking things down. However they mean no harm, they're a highly intelligent breed who require plenty of stimulation to keep them occupied. Savannah Cats are very vocal, especially when their person isn't giving them enough attention. The very intelligent breed can also learn commands like "sit", "paw", and "lay down". Most small cat toys are not recommended for higher generations as they get older. We recommend small dog toys to prevent any unwanted vet visits due to an obstruction. Small children toys, legos, nerf bullets, bouncy balls, and hair ties all MUST be kept out of reach.

savannah kittens

There is no guarantee on size of a Savannah kitten, but there is a general expectation per generation.

Savannah Weight
  • F1 Range 18-30lbs

  • F2 Range 15-30lbs

  • F3 Range 12-20lbs

  • F4 Range 12-18lbs 

  • F5 Range 11-18lbs

  • F6 Range 10-18lbs

  • F7 Range 10-15lbs

Savannah Size

(Shoulder Height)

  • F1 Range 16 inches

  • F2 Range 14 inches

  • F3 Range 13 inches

  • F4 Range 11 inches 

  • F5-F7 Range 9 inches

Savannah Diet
If you have any additional questions regarding the Savannah Breed, please feel free to reach out to us, or visit our FAQ page!
Savannah Diet
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