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Marble Surface

Our Cattery

While we would love to live our everyday life with each of our breeders, unfortunately that is a fantasy with unfixed cats. Due to the constant spraying of unfixed cats, we are unable to keep our breeders in our home with us. Through trial and error, we have built a cattery that we are incredibly proud of. We strive to make our breeders lives as normal as possible. Which is why we have built a cage free cattery! Our cattery is built with glass enclosures, with epoxy partly up the walls to ensure a very clean environment. Each glass enclosure is filled with cat trees, play carpets, cat wheels, and many many toys! Two of our enclosures are also connected to an outdoor enclosure for our breeders to enjoy the fresh air. They have large windows to enjoy nature, and get plenty of outdoor time. Our breeders also get plenty of human socialization throughout the day as well!

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